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family office


We understand that families have become increasingly international, with their assets, interests and investments spread all over the world.

We have many families who are long-standing clients and who have continued to appreciate our advice and counsel over generations.

Our office advises families on complex issues concerning governance, implementation of legal instruments designed to safeguard assets and their intergenerational transmission through careful succession planning.

Our advice helps families to plan ahead so they can protect and enhance their wealth for the coming generations. We specialize in smoothing out logistical challenges such as personnel and international transfers.
We endeavour to support all our family clients and their family offices when they wish to make direct investments, whether for the acquisition of a large enterprise, real estate or alternative assets, such as art or aircrafts.

Moreover, we can provide advice on immigration and taxation, especially in relation to favourable tax measures set up to attract human capital to Italy.

Main areas of our work include:
Succession planning // Family pacts // Trusts // Assistance with relocation to Italy // Setting up family holding companies // Works of art