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Italy is not a tax-friendly jurisdiction: tax rates are high, the fiscal system is complex and the applicable rules are often revised and modified.

Nonetheless, certain tax benefits and incentives are available which can be attractive to foreign investors.

Strategic business and tax planning can produce real tax savings and have a significant impact on the levels of taxation faced by start-ups and foreign companies entering the Italian market.

Our clients include leading domestic and non-Italian companies, financial institutions and funds.

We also provide ongoing tax advice covering tax compliance services, corporation tax matters, VAT and indirect taxation. We have significant experience in assisting with tax assessments, negotiations involving the taxation authorities and taxation litigation.

Tax advice includes:
Corporate and international tax planning // Inbound and outbound investment // Tax audits, compliance and disputes with the taxation authorities // Assistance on start-ups, reorganizations and strategic transactions // Personal tax planning (inheritance and gift tax, tax treatment of trusts) // Patent Box and other tax incentives